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What club to join around Sacramento?


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I'm moving closer to Gold Country! Or closer anyway. I live in Sonoma County now, but I'll be moving to Davis later this summer (get some more education while there's no electrician work to be had). I've been heading up to the hills a couple times a summer for the last couple years, mostly sluicing, but last fall I got a GMT and I'd like to get more into the detecting. I've got two things on my mind this morning:

1) What club do you all recommend in the Sacramento area? I'm looking for some prospecting company, access to gold, and to learn as much as I can from folks who have done it before.

2) I think I can get up to gold country for three days next week, is anyone interested in some newb company in whatever prospecting they've got going on? I'm thinking somewhere between Sonora and the Yuba River.... I'm happy prospect however: sluicing, crevicing, brushing bedrock, detecting, I've got lots to learn about all of it...

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Looking at the photos and newsletters, the Goldhounds look like just what I want in terms of education and comradery, and the outings are in the corner of the world I have easiest access to, but what about the access benefits of belonging to a bigger organization with more claims, like the GPAA?

No takers for some prospecting Mon/Tues/Weds next week? In my ignorance, I'm thinking of detecting at the Foresthill dump on Monday and detecting/sniping on the South Yuba above Edwards Crossing the other two days. Any suggestions would be appreciated...

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At this time, I am not a member. However, Don Robinson... the founder is a legend in his own time! Don has done more than anyone I know to promote prospecting for gold in the Northern Motherlode.........I met the man a very long time ago when trying to dredge the S. Fork of the Yuba and wanting to camp on the river the whole season! He and a former (now deceased) partner made it happen for a very select few, me being one!

You will enjoy the camaraderie and available knowledge in this club....... keep us posted

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