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PLP Raffle Winners June 2010

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This is a copy and paste of a post by Jerry Hobbs.

"PLP Raffle Winners June 2010

by jerhobbs » Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:28 am

PLP Legal Fund-----Spring 2010 Raffle-----June 17, 2010------WINNERS

1. 160 ac AZ Mining Claim-PLP---------------------------------------------------Mike Funderok

2. 4" Keene Dredge #4405-Keene Engineering------------------------------Nick Garza

3. 1 oz Placer Gold-Roger Plata---------------------------------------------------Dusty Wilson

4. Whites GMZ Metal Detector-Jimmy Sierra, CA-------------------------Greg Leondes

5. Custom Gold Pendant-Natural Gold Jewery-------------------------------Gilbert Dunn

6. Deluxe Blye Bowl Kit-Pioneer Mining Supplies---------------------------John Owczargh

7. 1 Yr. Membership Golden Caribou Mining Assn-Gordon Burton----Harold McCraven

8. Gold Nugget Pendant-Scott Warner------------------------------------------Jim Genz

9. 4.4 grs Alaska Placer-Ed Romine---------------------------------------------Bill Bench

10. Badger Pick-Apex Picks----------------------------------------------------------David Michel

11. Crystaline Gold Tie Tac-Scott Warner----------------------------------------Bob Chase

12. HystWare Mines & Minerals V1.0-Gary Hiestard(HyatWare)--------Russ Riddle

13. Sluice Box, Model #28-CalSluice-----------------------------------------------Jr Fournoy"


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