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Anyone use one of these

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:WOW: no--not yet but I am definately looking into this as for service providers and real hands on field capabilities. Fantastic tool and I absolutely am going to pursue this unit. Talk about a miners dream video with locations in real time :wub: John
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I talked to one of the blm people that had one in the field when going over my friends mine and it looked to be a nice piece. She said it was kinda complicated but thats with anything new that you have to get used to, takes a bit to get it down. From what I've seen it is way better to mapping things in the field and marking gps positions and it's ability to track in the trees is better than what I've seen before and being able to mark with about 3 to 6 meter accuracy is a tad bit better than what I've got now, but the other capabilities seem to be an all in one unit. got to do more checking


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I know those units a little bit and they're great!

However, if you're serious about excellent tracking and pinpoint locating, got for a sub-meter unit like the following:




Sub-meter is exactly what it says... it will get you down to the foot. When we were mapping the trail systems here in AZ, the sub meters were out in force. However, the kind used then were backpack-sized and not comfortable to wear all day... but they were GREAT to have as you could mark out items of interest in a slot canyon and be within a few feet, or dead-on in more open areas even with tree cover.

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