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Took my new GMS highbanker out. Review and pics


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Hey folks,

Finally got a chance to take out my new GMS highbanker this weekend and I must say, I was not disappointed. If you haven't heard of this piece of equipment allow me to give you a brief description. This highbanker is made by a company out of Fresno CA called California Sluice Box. The GMS highbanker is a 42" long x 16" wide, ABS, drop riffle style highbanker that weighs approx. 20 lbs.

For the price ($412 US) this was by far the biggest bang for my buck. Having never used any of the drop riffle ABS plastic type sluices before I was a bit hesitant to take the leap. The company owner Dale was able to answer all of my questions regarding the product and after losing sleep for about a week I listened to my instinct and purchased one. A few of my main concerns were 1) Is this ABS stuff going to be tough enough? 2) Will I lose any gold with this design? 3) Can I run this as a re-circulating unit.... If so how much water will I need? 4) WILL I LOSE ANY GOLD WITH THIS DESIGN?

Last weekend me and my buddy took the GMS out to one of our favorite honey holes here in Idaho. The weather was great and the river was runnin full of that sweet snow melt. We had the highbanker assembled and sitting pretty in about 8 min. hooked up the pump and off we went. If I had to guess we were shoveling pay dirt in all of 15-20 min. I was quite pleased with the minimal amount of water we needed to run the GMS effectively. Another thing that I liked about the GMS is that it sits low to the ground so you don’t have to lift shovels/buckets very far to put them in the hopper. I have to say that the GMS handled as much as me and my buddy could shovel into it. I purchased this thing so I could process more material not realizing that I would also have to dig more material. It's amazing how much work it can be to move a yard of dirt a day...... but hey.... we managed to process about a yard and a quarter in one day! That's like a billion times more than I could move in a weekend of just sluicing. Not to mention we didn't have to classify any material wich was awesome.

After about ten buckets of material we took a break and shut the water down with the included ball valve style gate. We were both happy to see a good amount of black sand and very little light material. In the top four V styled riffles we saw mostly gold and some very heavy black sands. This was enough incentive to keep shoveling throughout the afternoon. By about 4pm we'd had enough and wanted to see the fruits of our labor. Clean up was a breeze. We just removed the bottom trey, rinsed it into a mortar mix tub and that was that. Once we panned out our concentrates I noticed that we were in fact picking up some very fine flour that I think we have been missing before. However..... It is possible that we just happened to get into some fine stuff that day but the gold we have seen at this location has been consistently chunky. So I have to wonder if we were missing the fine stuff before? Because we still had a fair amount of chunks.

All in all I'm very pleased with my new highbanker and I feel that for the money this was a very good choice for me. It's strong, light, efficient and inexpensive. I hope to have a video up soon showing it in action but here's a pic of our take for the day and a pic of the GMS that I plucked from casluicebox.com

Thanks for reading.

Brandon from Idaho (Go BSU!)



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