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Aloha Garimpo,

Watched a couple of Baxter Blacks videos and they show the wisdom only a cowboy could have about daily life.

BTW, has anyone watched the videos of Baxter the therapy dog on youtube. If you can watch them and not get teary eyed you dont love dogs.scared[1].gif

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Baxter Black is a hero for seeing the world as it really is... too many city folk have a warped perception of reality. I just bought a Baxter Black book for my grandson to taste a little common sense and self reliance. A good horse, a good dawg, a good gun, and a good woman... ya don't need no stinking i-pod to make the world go round.

Keep Smiling... Life begins 100 miles from any signal light. :cigar:

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