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Bond Arms 410 / 45LC .

It will take a 45lc round or up to 3" 410 shotgun shell. I found that 2 1/2" shells work best. I load the top with #8 shot and the bottom with a slug. The slug works better than the 45 LC round. Not much kick. You guys with the NAA 22 mags. If you need to defend yourself and the person is very close stick the gun up against their gut. The gas pressure will blow their guts apart. I have the NAA pug in 22 mag. I like the grip and it has night sights. I made the pocket holster for the pug on my sewing machine. It has a little pouch for extra shells. If you practice with either gun you can put a round in a eye ball at 25 feet. I qualified with both at our last police qualification. A smart ass questioned my marksmanship with them. That is until I shot. He came to work the next day with a pug. The thing you need to watch with the 22 shot shells is the pellets can bounce back and hit you in the face if you are too close to the target. I've not had that problem with the 410 shot shells. Take my word for it they are nasty. A mini Judge.

The small gun in the picture is not a pug but a regular 22 mag NAA. The one in the holster is a pug.

post-384-050266400 1284689287_thumb.jpg

post-384-030632200 1284689312_thumb.jpg

post-384-002076400 1284690066_thumb.jpg

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SGT, love the terminator, very nice.....

Unc, I'm sure you're well aware that the 'head' of that bastard is still alive (venom) after it's demise or funeral for quite some time.

Love to see some Kalispell / Whitefish pics if you have any!


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Bummer Gstake-knew Bill,none of us get outta this alive. MID???? took Bagby back?? Private property through condemnation or ??? only thing left a Bagby is our concrete back porch steps pushed closer to the river. Have film of destruction of our beloved casa in Bagby-thanx for the info,howz about a little more please??John

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Bill had a 99 year lease with MID, Merced Irragation District. And I worked for him for 5 years. I 95 he sold the lease back to them for $85,000.00 and sold off all his stuff, dozers, ans dredges, moved to Oregon with some gal, left his wife Issie, she still lives in town, Bill kind of went crazy, He had a no operable brain tumor, and Died two years ago. Mid came in and put showers and a pay phone in, closed the back campground, and chage $21.00 a night to stay now, day fee is $8.00 I think. they got full hook-up for RV'S in the front camp. you can still detect and pan, but no dredges. or highbankers. . It was much better when Bill had it. His brother still lives in BootJack. I quit working for him in 94, when I shot that Gal and the other two that were breaking in my trailer on me and my wife. Anyway. we went back on the road for a year, until I had my first heart attack in 95. been off ever since. I just talked to Matt Evens the other night. You know him. I know. we detect together sometimes. Anyway. those were some good times when Bill had Bagby. Found lots of gold, and lots of old coins including a couple of gold ones. Grubstake

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Thank you very VERY much GS for the filler info and yes I MUST admit Matt Evans is one LL of a miner with more great info on mining than a library. I have tons a good pics,movies,slides of Mariposa in the 50,60,70's and wonder ifn' their is a Historical Society in place anymore. State museum is great BUT they are not that much into Mariposa & Bagby history-thanx again-John

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