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Cattle Guards in the Goldfields

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You will love this one, I haven't stop laughing yet………….

For those of you who have never traveled to the west, or southwest, cattle guards are horizontal steel rails placed at fence openings, in dug-out places in the roads adjacent to highways (sometimes across highways), to prevent cattle from crossing over that area. For some reason the cattle will not step on the "guards," probably because they fear getting their feet caught between the rails.

A few months ago, President Obama received and was reading a report that there were over 100,000 cattle guards in Colorado. Colorado ranchers had protested his proposed changes in grazing policies, so he ordered the Secretary of the Interior to fire half of the “cattle” guards immediately!!

Before the Secretary of the Interior could respond and presumably try to straighten him out, Vice-President, Joe Biden, intervened with a request that…. before any “cattle” guards were fired, they be given six months of retraining.

And these guys are running our country, OMG!!

Passed on to you without further comment....

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We call them cattle-grids here is Australia. some of them can take the front-end out of a HiLux as easy as a blink.

Sideline: I'm reading . . . that should GW Bush resume his political aspirations. . . He could get his little brown butt back in the WhiteHouse.

Please tell me I'm wrong. . . :unsure:


PS: we have our own problems over here. This year is Election Year.

I guess we get what we deserve. :hmmmmm:

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Yep, them can be tricky... Call it a cattleguard or cattlegrid, best to slowwww down before you cross one for the first time. A new cattleguard was put on steep grade BLM road. Seems the engineer wanted it installed 'flat and level' and it was. The truck ahead of me hit it doing about 25mph. It bounced the spare tire out of his bed and broke a shock mount, ouch. Another time I turned onto an old FS road off a state hwy. I'd driven that road 100+ times. Driving a 5T truck I'd just up-shifted from 2nd to 3rd as I approached a pasture fence w/cattleguard. At the last minute I notice the cattleguard had been removed and a 3' deep hole was across the road. Standing on the brake and clutch I stopped with my front bumper over the hole and front tires a few inches from the edge. Looking to my right, about 300 yds away was 'the new road'... darn... I learned a lesson that day...

Keep Smiling... :cigar:

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