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Pinaleno Mountains Rock ID help

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Hey guys! New to the forums and rock hounding in general, I just moved to Arizona and went hiking in the Pinaleno Mountains today (big mistake to do when it's 105 out, but I drank water like no tommorow), and I found a rock that caught my eye. It didn't set off my metal detector but it's very magnetic... attached is a photo if anyone can help me ID this, that'd be great :)


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Hard to tell from the photo, but looks like the shiny material is common mica. If you poke it with something like a knife or fork time does it "shatter" and produce flakes?

The magnetism indicates ferrous metal or magnetite. The pic is just too dark to get a good read on it, but some expert around here will certainly chime in, I'm sure.

Welcome to the forums. Let me know if you ever want to go out beeping.

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Impossible to tell from the photo. I suggest you do a streak test first. Scratch the stone across a piece of unglazed porcelain. You can use the underside of the lid on the water tank of your toilet.


Next- you can do a hardness test.


If you knew the specific location- it would help.


Post the results here and we'll see if we can narrow it down. A better photo would help also....


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Thanks so much for the help guys! I plan on being a rock hound for the time I am out here, which is till October! I'm probally going to the mule mountains this weekend to look for Turquoise and/or small gold. Here are some more pictures and as I attempt to do tests, I will post the results. Tried a variety of lighting for the pictures.




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I believe that it may be a combination of a couple minerals. I`ve known Hematite to sometimes carry very little magnetism. It may be a micacious schist that carries an iron mineral ? Hmmmm :hmmmmm:

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