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Extended lower rod...


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A few years ago when I was doing a lot of the slave digs one day I did one of my famous

falls off the top of one of the rock piles...had bones sticking out of two fingers and a

lot of blood....but before I got to the bottom I also broke the lower part of the lower

rod where the bolt goes through....the lower rod is actually a two piece set-up with the

bottom part glued about three inches into the rod...that's where it broke....so after

putting this big NF25" coil on I realized I needed more length to get it away from me body..

pulled the broken three inch piece out and then cut six inches off the old rod and then

glued the three pieces together....still haven't got to try it out...been having stomach

problems...hope to have them cured by next week....

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Extended lower rod update.....to my grief the part that I glued

into the two rods broke on the second day....but hard heads don't

give up easy so I went to one of the local wood working shops here

and had them turn me a piece of very hard wood...glued it in place

of the broken plastic one and so far it's holding up...

Spent yesterday and today using the epoxy that "grubstake" re-

commended (PC-7) from Ace Hardware....it won't run...drip... or

sag and after it cures for 12 hours or so it's harder than the

heart of a 25 year old blonde on the Vegas strip....

In all I've put the PC-7 on the skid plates and in some cases the

coil itself on 15 coils.....

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The plastic piece I glued into the two lower rods broke the first day out...so went to

one of our wood working shops here and ask if they could turn me a piece that would fit

the lower rods made out of their hardest wood...they did and after using PC-7 for the

glue it now works perfect and this time I even made the piece longer for more reach...

Hey El Dorado this would sure benefit you with your bionic knees....

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