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Phase 2 Prospecting is Getting Closer

frank c

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Got my pick,shovel an rake ready to load, won't be long now :zzzzz:

Oh forgot my detector :nutty:

Just finished painting an closing in the new shortblock.

Now its time for a list........ Wait it ain't Christmas yet is it ????

New starter,balancer,waterpump,carb,complete new upgraded ignition system,whole clutch pack,turn the flywheel,etc.

Next step is douching the engine compartment and undercarriage and recoating.

Then complete wiring job, that sounds like enough to keep me BUSY for a couple more months.

I just LOVE this OLD 6 cyl engine, might have to locate some Wheelie Bars for the back though..... :inocent:

Can ya see the desert rat on the front bumper just above the pick

I'm gonna put L.E.D.'s in his eye sockets :zapped: for night drivin an searchin fer them Space Rocks,Uncle Marvin told me to do that.

Happy Trails to yaall till next time.




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frank, thanks much for the link to that video, some good history there.

your jeep looks like it is getting close and i bet you are getting fired up.

take care. ron

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