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The Recent Production Gold Bug 2

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I have noticed on three separate occasions that three of these recently produced Bug 2s compare unfavorably both with my much older Bug 2 and the much, much older Bug 2 of a friend of mine, i.e., the ones that were manufactured in Los Banos, CA are more sensitive in the following respect: Both the older and newer ones appear to be just about as sensitive in regard to initially detecting a target, including rather small targets. However, when switched to the discrimination mode the older ones totally outshine the new ones. The older models definitely chirp from a further distance and chirp repeatedly and consistently, whereas the new ones are very erratic and need to be much closer to the target. As I said, this observation is based solely on comparison with three of the newer Bug 2s, so it may just be a coincidence and no generalizations should be inferred. However, I would be interested in hearing the experiences of others in this regard. There are some ways to tell the difference between the Los Banos made Bug 2s and the Texas productions. The most obvious is a label on the older ones that state the Los Banos address. Also, the older ones connected the search coil to the lower shaft with a plastic bolt and plastic wing-nut, whereas recent productions have two knobs that tighten the search coil to the lower shaft.

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I love the new Fisher Gold Bug Special Edition, it really impressed me..

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