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Headed out today to hit a old patch but when I came up to the Aqua Fria River from Table Mesa there is No Trespassing signs everywhere and make you take a straight shot to keep going, all the fences block all other roads. I thought that the GPAA had some of those claims, Does anyone know who claimed this area up?

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Are the signs just no trespassing Billy ?....or is there more on them ?

They've been looking to limit access to that area and had some meetings ...there has been alot of damage from bikes, ATVs & 4 wheel drives + illegal dumping.

There are also many Indian ruins in the area...using this they may be trying to close off access to the sites.

Or tree huggers & goverment could say theres an endangered species in the area, or the dust is to bad & causing to much polution from the traffic. Even now in areas you are supposed to call in and check the pollution advisery to see if you can go there.

I think that is why poeple have said there is alotmore traffic over by Morristown area. Just my guess.


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Private property, always has been, just like the town sites of Gillett and Tip Top. Might be new owners or just tired of all the idiots tearing up the place. Once again, the lowest common denominator determines the rules the rest of us by default. Later...Jim P.

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Hey all, There is more on the signs I should have grabbed a picture. It also stated no Shooting and it does cover the Gillette area also. I did not go to the SW to see if it took up the known Indian ruin of that area. The Stakes that where what seemed to mark Prop. Corners where in Pink and expanded I would say a half mile in both directions from the water crossing and only about .05th of a mile on both sides? The fence also crosses the River on both side only allowing you to cross but not go up or down the River.

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