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I just got my new Carbon Fiber upper shaft from Herb Browning. I have been waiting for something like this to come along. It is 4" longer than the original Minelab shaft. Very good if you are tall, but also good for me. I have two metal knees and this means I can now have my coil further from me. On most medium and smaller coils it does not matter but on large coils it is going to be great not to hear my knees. Even being longer than stock the weight must be 30% less. The fit and finish are way beyond expectations, it is just beautiful (not that it really matters). I should be getting my beeper back from Minelab this week and cannot wait to try it out.......

Thanks Herb for making such a high quality product!

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You're right Steve! I got mine last Friday. Put it on Sat. Also got one 4" longer (actually 40" total). It's made up very well, just haven't had a chance to use it yet.

Thanks Herb!


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Hey Guys I picked one up from Herb during the Gold Basin WSPA outing a couple months back and have been using it ever since. As soon as I saw it I thought to myself "thats slick and I want one!". It's pretty nice and doesn't seem to mess with the larger coils. I have to say I like it a lot more than the other aftermarket shaft I had since it's a lot stronger (doesn't bend with larger coils), is very good quality and should last for years. Only thing I would change on mine is the slots that were drilled for the arm cuffs (just my opinion Herb), but other than that I'm lovin it! Good job Herb!

BTW- Another good product for our detectors thats popped up on eBay is that Eureka Worx arm cuff and detector covers. They add a little bit of weight but are very good quality and should last for a while.


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A few days back as I was measuring my detector rod to see if it fit in my biggest airline approved suitcase...I realized that the upper rod on my 3500 will not fit. I never had that problem with the 2200 or the GP extreme...because they were two piece upper rods...a fact I had forgot...

So I called my friend Herb and he agreed to make me a two piece carbon fiber rod. I picked it up yesterday. It is a beautiful thing, the CF has a finish that reminds me of snake skin right after the snake sheds...very pretty. But much more importantly it has no slack or bend in it. I must say the workmanship is top notch!

thank you Herb!


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Hi All

I want to say "Thank You" to Steve, Shep and Del

for giving the thumbs up for a product that I

know will give many people in this hobby a better

chance at success.

Best Regards to All



Hello Herb,

I just ordered the standard 32" shaft for my m/l sd2200v2. I was wondering if you could make an upper shaft for m/l excalibur water detector?

Thank you, Johnnymac

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