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This is for my LSD friends to look at and cool off,and for my new friend Glenn M. and my pardner Mick in this venture.

Hope the picture comes out, I am having problems with win 7.

Less than 50 feet from where my MH is parked we took out 4.5 grams of fines yesterday from an old dry creek bed, today you can,t even find the hole!

It won't last long.

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Well windows 7 ate the picture so you will just have to imagaine 4+ inches of new snow, and its still falling, the flakes sre bigger than a silver dollar, sure messes up the highbankers.

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Way to go Max.... shoveling is hard work, glad it is paying for you!

We should have a Kubota with a backhoe on site by the end of the month, there is some old channel deep bedrock thats going to get ripped!

I might get to buy that Javalina Trommmel I want after all!

I have located the original excavations that where made in the 1860s to obtain patent on this property, they have 12" conifers growing in them, this property was operated as a hardrock mine untill WW2 and the placer was never touched because they sold the water to Placerville, Pioneerville, Quartztown and many others by flumes, the bunk house held 100 men, the cookstove still sits in the ruins and is huge, about 9'x5' and had a builtin waterheater.

The ore bin still has a lot of ore in it and I had it assayed, it has 22 Oz silver and .56 OZ of gold, + Lead, Zinc, Copper, corbonates, sulfides, arsenic and ??nasty stuff and they found it hard to process, I expect it still is but I have no hardrock experince, it is also the site of the largest undeveloped Moly deposit in the USA and is for sale 5 mil.


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