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New Metorite Show

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New Show now playing at Prospecting Channel.com

Franconia Arizona Meteorites

THIS IS THE 4TH SHOW IN AN ENTIRELY NEW SERIES MINERAL EXPEDITIONS with Tim Glidewell, now playing at Prospecting Channel. One of the great things about the Franconia Az strewnfield is you stand a good chance of finding a meteorite. There are great interviews with local Meteorite hunter Jerry Baird, he shows off some big Franconia meteorites. You can view this new show and others 24 hours a day 7 days a week for FREE.

Prospecting Channel.com

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Hello there and welcome to the forum. Franconia is one of the places, next to Gold Basin where someone new to the hobby can still score a meteorite, but the pickings are slim. The video was well made and I'm sure the former Jim Smaller would be proud of the information and teaching the video provides. The information presented was well managed, and documented, and quality is pretty good. Again welcome. Jason ;)

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Aloha Boondog,

I have to agree with jason. Great useful info for the newbie thinking about getting into this hobby. thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

Just remember to also be safe and prepare yourself for the HOT summer!mad0229[1].gif

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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HI Tim

Great show!!! Keep up the good work. Next year we will mess with the Gold. We hit some pay dirt in the last week. Heres the pic of the larger and have lots of fine.

Thanks for the footer will get it on when I get some time.

Frank Nice finds.


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