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My Seymchan slices

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It would be an interesting story, on how you acquired pieces of Russion Meteorites.

Thanks for the pictures, they are very good.

Hi HighPlainsSifter, thanks for your reply. My meteorite collection usually from purchasing,exchanging.

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Hi All

What little I know about the Seymchen meteorite. My good freind and fellow Omanie prison inmate Ivan from St Petersburg Russia. Read some geological exploration reports made many years earlier in Russia where the geologist while doing normal soil and mineral testing tried to dig through a several hundred kilo mass. He thought they were meteorites and collected it and another piece and sent them to Moscow for testing. It was classified as an iron meteorite. Which iron classification I'm not certain. Ivan and Vladamere hired a helicopter to drop them at the geologists coordinates to look for more pieces. They immediatly started finding lots of pieces with thier detectors starting another gold rush amoungest the Russian meteorite hunters and locals. It got pretty dangerous with the local chieftains trying to control and garn profits from the hunters and proceeds. Some of the first pieces Ivan and Vladamere found and cut had olivene crystals so they were sent to Moscow and the classification was changed to Pallasite. Now the market is abundant with Seymchen. I sure miss my Russian Comrads since I haven't heard from them in a couple years now. I hope they are doing well. Happy Huntin John B.

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