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I APOLOGIZE!!!!!!!!!! :aw-shucks: :zip-lip: :aw-shucks:

I do not post often, and now you know why. In short, all I was trying to say is: I come to these forums to read about your quest and success in the finding of Gold. I do not want to know anybodies opinions on anything else here. I see the threads that go on for pages and like a bad road accident, I can not help but look. I am each time regreatful of doing so.

Please accept my apology, let's keep this forum centered on the subject of GOLD.

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No need to apologize. This is a forum for gold prospecting and yes your right we do get off track at times. I myself have done it but I realize that off track is not about gold. Welcome to the forum and I do hope you find answers and comfort knowing that we all are human at times. After 58 some years of prospecting I have learned that prospectors are very friendly and willing to share their experiences with all who would care to listen.

Bob :olddude:

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