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I have been a member here for many a year. I do not post much, but I do enjoy most of what I see on this, and other sites like this.

That being said, I never knew that so many of the members here were themselves "SOLID GOLD." I can tell from the post that many here are educated,

somewhat rational persons that are able to express their opinions in an intelligent manor. This is America, we have the "right" to express our opinions. The only problem, if that, is that opinions are like a__holes, everybody has one and almost all of them STINK. Some of us really would do ourselves a favor by Not expressing their opinions, at least not until they have really thought about what they are projecting. I am not trying to kick up dust, stir the pot, or for that matter offer up my own "opinions."

I have read here how some believe that if you "break the law" you should, without exception, be "prosecuted to the full extent of the law."

I wonder how many with this "opinion" have for example, received a traffic violation or some other like accusation, and disagreed with it to the point of declaring that they were "not guilty" and attempted to fight it, in a court of law at the "expense" of the tax payers knowing very well that they were in fact GUILTY? I wonder, surely not those with such strong "opinions, on prosecution to the fullest." These people are "SOLID GOLD."

The issue of "legal or illegal" residency is so very clouded that to say "your family came here LEGALLY, so others should also." Are you that sure

about that? Are you very well informed; not just because somebody told you so; in regard to the specifics of you families (all members) passage to the New World, i.e., The United States? Did the NATIVE AMERICANS administer LEGAL STATUS to ALL who entered? SURELY all of those in question would be very knowledgeable in these specifics before they would point their finger and persecute others. SURELY, these people are "SOLID GOLD."

I do not mean to sound opinionated, pompous, holier than thou, nor do I mean to agitate anyone. If you find yourself offended, bothered, or even angered by my words,(spelling & punctuation does not count) perhaps I struck a bone? Remember, I have the "RIGHT" to express myself. I leave now with a few words I am sure I have heard somewhere else:

"Give Us Your..., Give Us Your...,"



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Yes you are kicking up dust. Yes you have a right and duty to have an opinion and express it to others as occasion arises. All of this is fine, but please don't expect others to follow your path.

We are all sinners but we also have a redeemer so because we are all sinners we still may differ and still be Redeemed.

My #^%t stinks and I know it but even the worst, uneducated, drunk lying on the bar room floor is still protected in America by the Constitution as an American and the sovereignty of this nation how ever it was formed. Beside no country on earth has clean hands, do you, I don't. If you want to turn over your rights paid for by greater men than any here, no one is stopping you. If you feel guilty for what others have done to one another, speak out about yourself, give your fortune away and beg others forgiveness for the wrong you have done them. But...., allow me to defend me, my family and my country, which I love and admire against all enemies in and out of this nation.

I will defend your right to speak and I may not agree( I would not have posted this if I agreed with you) but that self same blood that was shed to make this country allows you that right to speak against it now.

Find a Jew that lived through the Holocaust in Germany and survived, hear what true evil is, learn the pain of persecution, look hard at the photo's of the death camps and be thankful you live in America for what time we have left.

Maybe you wanted to go in this direction, maybe not. Maybe you just wanted to see if someone would respond. Maybe you don't think that America is valid. Isn't it wonderful to be able to express your thought so freely and insult others without having to pay the bill your self. Maybe you did, Maybe you are a war Hero from any of the recent wars. Maybe you paid in blood and limb, in dreams that can't be erased. I don't know

I don't have a clue for your thoughts.

One of the problems with the internet is we can't sit face to face and talk. We can't see the human being in front of us, just a screen and our own reflections.

My sincere apology for this OT on a gold forum, where I wish I were out in the hills diggen up pounders

I am thankful to be able to say God Bless America


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