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I was thinking today about a subject that could be very interesting to most forum users. :WOW:

Adding to this the details of your best nugget find using a metal detector.

It could provide some entertaining and educational information for all of us hunters.

If you can remember the month, year, and general area of the find along with some details we may have some great info and stories.

My best nugget find so far isn't very big but I'm going to get the best pic I can of it and get back to this post with it as soon as possible this week to try to keep the thread going.

I really enjoy hearing the tales about those special days we encounter out in the field.

Heck if this thread develops we can start one in the other sub forums, relics, meteorites, wet/dry washing etc.

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Well it has the potential to learn some "gold bearing area" geology tips for most plus a possible wealth of knowledge on nuggethunting in general.

Lets see what happens, If we can get some of these "Seasoned Hunters" on the forum to loosen up and swap some lies without having a campfire going we will have some interesting reading. :twocents:

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Don't remember what year it was but do remember it was Dec. 11....I believe the year was

2002 or 03....day before my birthday....got an early start as usual and drove the 35 miles

or so to a ranch where I had found gold before and knew that they also had a lot of slave

digs....at the height of slavery Brazil had around 5,000,000 slaves brought in by the

Portuguese from Portugal who settled this country....

No one around here seems to know how the slave owners found gold but from their digs I

would have to guess they "eyeballed" the quartz out croppings and started to dig them....

gold here is always found in quartz and gravel and some of which is very mineralized...

this country was very blessed with a lot of minerals including gold....much of which was

very shallow....

On this particular ranch this one gullie had about 100 yards or so of the slave digs that

ran up a slight incline that ended in the side of a large mountain.....originally I believe

the gully was very shallow by the height of the rock piles the slave dug out and what

was left of the banks that were about six feet high....post-300-127371268494_thumb.jpg

The closest thing I've ever run into that resembled these digs are the bucket dredge tails

in CA. and Alaska...

That morning was no different than most others being hot and humid and within thirty

minutes of beeping every thread of my clothes was soaked with sweat...about an hour or

so of beeping I got a very pronounced signal in one of the large rock piles and started

to dig...as the hole got larger the rocks from above kept sliding into the hole...what a

mess trying to dig deeper and at the same time keep the rocks from above from filling in

the hole....finally out came the target...1/2 of a hand forged pick the slaves had used

one hundred fifty years earlier...had to take a rest in the shade....crossed the four

feet over to the other side into even larger piles of rock...about another half hour

or so I was on top of the pile and got a faint signal straight down in the pile...my

thoughts were....the other half of the pick....started to dig...and dig....and dig...post-300-127371281076_thumb.jpg

by now the SD2000 with the Coiltek 18" mono coil was screaming....just like the pick

did a little earlier...finally at the bottom of the almost three foot hole was something

I had never seen before....had to wipe the sweat out of my eyes with my "dew rag" to

make sure what I was looking at...post-300-127371286172_thumb.jpgyep sure

nuff....heavy and the right color...have a water tank and old tooth brush just for stuff

like this....cleaned it up a bit and still was in shock an hour later when my two

buddies came back for lunch...later found something black and here's the final pic...

all 436 grams...post-300-127371314576_thumb.jpg

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WoW That pair of skivvies has a sheet stain right down the middle , must have happened right then so fast.

Was it pretty much all gold or mixed with host rock??? Don't have my eyeglasses on so I can't see the detail in the pic.


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