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Thanks Terry

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I wanted to Thank Terry and the Arizona Gold Adventures Crew Mel and Bob for a great outing with my son prior to my returning to Afghanistan :Various_Artists-punk: . Terry invited my son and I to come out and do a little prospecting on the AGA claims. We worked with our metal detectors :icon_mrgreen: and their equipment and recovered some good Arizona Gold. AGA gave us a great father and son day out away from the rat race that is Phoenix :woohoo: . As you all can guess with my being deployed to train our troops in both Kuwait and Afghanistan :2guns: I have not had much father and son time with my kid. I know that I could have gone any other place and probably found some gold but the personal instructions that my son and I recieved from both Mel and Bob were icing on the cake. We got a little bit of gold and had a great time, I got a bag full of consentrates to pan out the next time that I am in town :brows: and Dakota has a memory that will last him a lifetime.

Terry THANKS AGAIN for the Great day out with the boys :beer: , Tell Mel and Bob I said they are the best and I definately will be by to see them again when I am back in town.

Very Respectfully



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Thank YOU Tim for putting your life on the line, for the sacrifices you and your family make for US, and for teaching our young troopers how to stay alive over there! Mel and Bob really liked you and Dakota, and they had MORE fun than you did! Keep your head down Tim, and get in touch with me when you get to where you are going. I'll send you and your guys some goodies. God Bless You - Terry

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Stay safe bro. I'm headed to Bahrain in June to train there. If you get into town give me a buzz and we'll get together.


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