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pinpointer for nugget detecting

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i seem to have trouble pinpointing gold with my gm3 and am thinking of buying a falcon detector to use as a pinpointer and for getting into tight spots. anyone have any experience with them are they any good? appreciate any help


I also use a GM3. Try turning your V-SAT all the way down (to the left) just before it clicks into the P/P. A fast V-SAT will make pinpointing tricky. ;)

After you get the target pinpointed, Frank C's method is the tried and true way to actually pick the target out of the dirt.

Oh, don't forget to use a Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet on your digging tool. All the ferrous trash will jump to the magnet, saving you time . Click on the link to my store if you need one. :miner:

Let me know if this helps.

Dale R.

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My pinpointer comes in the form of a plastic scoop, with some of the dirt from the target area I wave it over the coil and it tells me nay or yea.

Very lightweight and needs no batteries.

I agree 100 percent. Once you learn the sweet spots on your coil the gm3 should not be to difficult to pin point a target. I just buy plastic cups from the 99 cent store, they work great and its all i use for both my detectors, never got into the plastic scoop but sure it works.


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