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Helicopters at night in WI?

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Forgot to ask about this , after I got back from Wisconsin, mifflin area. On the day before I left, I had stopped by a very small farm to ask the landowner if he knew who owned some soybean/bottomlands across from his place. He told me who owned it, who took care of it and where to find him.

After some conversation, he asked if I knew anything about the guys that were flying a helicopter back and forth across the fields I had asked about. Not sure how he came to this conclusion, but he claimed they were scouring the fields at very low altitude, with thermal imaging equipment, lookin for meteorites....kept his family up for a couple hours after midnight the night before (was not happy)?

I only observed one helicopter, once, during the day, no equipment/globes/spotlights or anything on it. Not usually out at night without good reason?

There were several pieces found closeby, NW and SE of the fields and one larger piece was found broke in two from a road bounce, near a stop sign & culvert.

I had scoured along the roads, in the ditches and the very culvert where the split piece was found, by sight and with my MD's, ....only to find out afterwards from a lady around the bend, that the big broke-in-two piece had been in that very spot! Day late, meteorite short, ....story of my trip!

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I really doubt you can use any type of equipment from a helicopter to find meteorites on the ground, esp at night. Too small to register on any type of equipment. They were probably the men in black looking for the aliens that took a ride with the meteorites.... ;) ;)


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