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Two years ago I Heard a knock at the door,I answered it. At the door was a tall man in a white cowboy hat;Howdy he said I'm with Blank company and I would like to do some detecting in your front yard,that is set up some equipment. Thinking about all the times I knocked on doors asking nearly the same thing, I said sure just what is it your looking for? OIL! he said, I will give you fifty bucks for two weeks. I said that would not be necessary, he replied he had to, just legal stuff you know. I agreed, thinking they would find nothing and it was all just a big waste time and money. They brought in these things and hooked up the whole neighborhood. A year had passed and got another knock at the door, this time a shorter man appeared,are you Mr. Blank he asked, who's asking? I said. I'm with the Blank company do you got a moment? It turns out the whole neighborhood sits on a big lake of oil and gas. Now it won't be so bad filling up at the pump and heading out to Arizona,swinging real coils.


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