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GMT Detector Conversion

frank c

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Heres a quick way to customize a GMT or similar detector to a chest/neck mount with external amplified speaker.

I have some tremendous issues with PAIN throught the year off and on rotator cuff, tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and general EXTREME PAIN at times that severely limits my swinging capabilities.

First dissassemble the GMT contron box and rods.

Next I used an old Garret S-rod from a detector that was a "wall hanger" and not in use. I mated it to the lower rod and coil of the GMT.

My stock GMT had enough coil cable to do this set up with comfortably.

I have added a couple circular pieces to the 2 screws on the GMT control box and added a piece of 1 inch nylon tiedown strap which I melted a couple holes thru with a scratch all heated with my propane torch it gives a smooth melted hole that wont tear and riveted together at the right length to position the detector control box on my chest.

Then I cut a piece of lambs wool from a large polishing pad to overlap and cover the nylon strap and hot glued it together in position on the strap to cushion the strap around the neck. Works great.

I also hot glued a large piece of velcro on the strap to allow attaching the external amplified speaker from radio shack onto it.

Tie up the x-tra length of external speaker wire with a zip ty or electrical tape and you're off.

This is even GREAT just for the summer months so using headphones isnt necessary. Lets you be more alert for snakes and critters and your head doesnt get all sweaty from the heat.

Best of all there are no permanent alterations to the GMT you simply undo the rings from the control box screws and reattach the factory rods together and bango you're GMT is factory condition again pole mount for detecting.

The only upgrade I would make to this "QUICK CONVERSION" is to experiment with a better quality speaker.

The radio shack has a 9 volt battery for power and at low volume it is acceptable for sound clarity but when you want to increase to a louder output it gets a very raspy sound. I know there are better quality external speakers to be had for this setup I just didnt have time to shop as I had this one laying around the workshop and it does the job for the time being.



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IMO--it actually makes it unbalanced now and more heavier at the bottom because theres nothing to offset the weight of the coil it puts more of a strain on the arm and you also have the control box in your way every time you bend over to dig a target--just my experience and :twocents: -to each their own :tisk-tisk: Mike C...:ph34r2:

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Well your'e right Mike, everybodys got one !!! :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha:

In all reality there is literally NO WEIGHT with the wand only having a coil on it. When you have ROTATOR CUFF problems or Shoulder injuries THIS IS THE WAY TO GO and still be able to enjoy detecting.

Removing the control box makes the wand and coil FEEL WEIGHTLESS compared to having the box attached.

As far as the control box goes you can have a strap around the back also to keep it in place on your chest and not allow it to swing outwards when bending.

I did not need the 2nd strap it didn't effect me the neck strap was enough.

You could also HIP mount the box instead of a chest mount.

A persons imagination is the only LIMIT. :idea:

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