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GPAA Gold Show Las Vegas

frank c

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I didnt get the oppertunity to be at the show this past weekend 17th 18th.

I am curious did anyone attend ,? if so what day Sat or Sun, How was the crowd, (turnout) ???

Did it seem like large attendance or was the crowd thin and easy to walk around the displays ????

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It's too bad you didn't get a booth there. Thompson was there with a booth full of drywashers. Don't know how they were doing because my booth was over on the next aisle. Saturday was crowded. They announced 2000 people attended and I believe it. Sunday was much more manageable. My problem wasn't that people didn't like my CC690 highbanker --- they did. It's just not set up for recirculating and most of those in attendance prospected out in the desert. I guess when I learn to sell ice cubes to Eskimos, I'll be ready to sell my highbanker to desert prospectors! :yuk-yuk:


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Hey Frank, it was a nice show. I went Saturday, got to say hi to Reno Chris, and Gary (GotGold) , Tom Massie was taping while there. Got to see the new Fisher Gold bug while there. Man can that thing detect small gold. Dave

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Hi Frank, the machine is very easy to learn, I should have got one while there, they had them there on sale new for $499 only during the show. Very easy to learn. More of a zip with gold. The fisher guy had a very small picker, I say about the size of a grain of sand, and it would zip on it. If you look on their website, you will see a meter on the top of the detector, from 0 to 90 this is the target ID. The 40 is in bold and is usually where gold is. You can blank certain spots on the meter, it gives depth, it can pinpoint. It takes only a 9 volt battery to run. Nice big display, and the weight of the detector is very light. Starting to sound like a sales man :baaasmiley: , but I was impressed. Dave

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Hey Frank, it was a nice show. I went Saturday, got to say hi to Reno Chris, and Gary (GotGold) , Tom Massie was taping while there. Got to see the new Fisher Gold bug while there. Man can that thing detect small gold. Dave


It was great talking with you and I want to thank you again for the info. We got back today at 3:30 PDT and are “fried”! It was a good show with 2070 announced in attendance on Saturday. Sunday is always a bit slow but the turn out was good. I was also hoping to catch-up with ‘frank c.’ I think his drywashers would have done well at the show!

I pulled that site you gave me back up tonight and dug into it further, the first time I went through it I really got into the pictures and the “destruction” of historical sites and the reason for keeping them off the books!

As the older side of me kicks-in, CRS has its drawbacks.....but heck, I look at it as a badge I can wear with pride. And, taking into consideration of my younger years of what is going on today from the other side of the spectrum is nothing more than a travisty of events.

Thanks again for info Dave, I’m on it! Glad we could chat.


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Hi Frank,

Yes, Saturday was very busy and Tom Massie later commented that it was record attendance for this show. The aisles were crowded and the vendors seemed to be doing well. There were even a few booths that had meteorite stuff.

Mike Scott from First Texas Products did a great job demonstrating the new Gold Bug Pro from Fisher Labs. I asked him why it was only 19 khz compared to 71 khz on the GB2. He said that with all the advances in the onboard electronics that it was even more sensitive to deeper and smaller gold than the GB2. He also demonstrated the Fisher F-75 and told me that for hunting meteorites, it was the best machine hands down..... thats why the Meteorite Men use them.

Another interesting demonstration was the first public showing of the brand new Whites TDI-2 and the TDI-Pro. The TDI-2 is a stripped down version of the original TDI, which Whites is discontinuing. The TDI-Pro has two extra ground balancing knobs, coarse and fine, similar to the GoldMaster3. The TDI-2 will retail for $1,599 and the TDI-Pro will retail for $1,799.

We had a fun time and I even got to meet Tom Massie too!!! :inocent:


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Much appreciated feedback and updates guys.

I hope next year I'll be there. Trouble is I have to wait a year till it comes again.

It will be very interesting to see what the rest of this year brings into prospecting and detecting.

I am extremely CURIOUS to see and hear how the new Gold Bug reacts in the fields in Arizona in customer owned hands and varying ground conditions on meteorites and gold.

And now you say there are 2 models of Whites TDI , Maybe there will be some posted updates on there capabilities from actual users too this season.

But I'm still waiting to hit the lottery so I can get back to being a Minelab P.I. owner.

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