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Wisconsin my Pettooty...I watched it

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Two nights ago I was metal detecting for meteorites and got a signal and was trying to pinpoint it when someone was shining a yellow light on me. I thought it was the curious police asking me what I was doing in a corn field in the middle of the night with a light on my head. Here I am detecting for meteorites and God through one at me, "catch", I look up and there it is blazing across the sky: yellowish orange..burning in front...green trail behind....Dripping smaller pieces off like it was crying...I counted 5 in total and they burned out almost instantly as they fell off. It wasn't exploding, it was an extremely peaceful event. When I saw it separating, I pulled off my headphones to see if I could hear explosions and there were none. It was about 10:15 or 10:30 and I watched it heading nearly directly over head in an east by very slight Approx 4 degree southeast direction and appeared to land less than a few miles away and I was in Iowa. Last time I checked.... Wisconsin is not SOUTH of Iowa :hahaha: It was traveling at a very low altitude and with very little angle and burned out before it hit the ground and more importantly...It was still appeared quite large when it burned out...another words: there was something left to hit the ground. It seemed to land so close I actually considered going after it. But then I got to thinking...I can't find my shovel I mistaking left on the ground in this corn 45 minutes ago....I don't know if it's an iron a stony or stony iron so I have no idea what signal to listen for on the detector....I didn't have permission to search that area and it was in the middle of the night. When I saw the meteor, it appeared to be less than a thousand feet in the air...it couldn't have gone that far. I need to find some one who observed it south of me and also north of me. :D

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:bang: The Wisconsin Meteorite split before leaving Minnesota, before it became visible to onlookers, and I know where the other pieces are....Are they valuable...hell, I don't care, I watched this thing, it's more personal than that....anyone want to go find some??

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