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Making the Rounds with Uncle Marvin

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A trip to Gold Basin with Uncle Marvin along for the ride, 9 Meteorites detected 1 with almost complete fusion crust A total of 106 grams, 58 grammer was the largest it sung a song from 5 inches down that pegged the scale and sounded off the Iron Grunt on the GMT I was in heaven. :D


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NICE FINDS FRANK!!!! :thumbsupanim

It's nice to see that Gold Basin is still giving up some space rocks!!! My son and I have come up empty handed the last 4 times we hunted there. It's getting more difficult to find anything out there.... which makes your finds truely amazing to me.

Where can I get one of those Uncle Marvins? Will a Hans Solo bring me some good mojo? :yuk-yuk:

Again, nice finds. B)

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Aloha Frank,

Nice finds you and Uncle Marvin have there. I know I have an Uncle Marvin bookmarker somewhere in one of my many boxes of books. Now I am going to have to find it to see if mine works just as good as yours.confused0083[1].gif

Aloha and keep safe,

Stan aka Ka'imi

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Thanks Guys.

Kaimi, you should take better care of your ol Uncle Marvin. :yuk-yuk:

Fred, I took a few tests with a sampler and have to pan it out,I had no full sized machines left to bring with me. I also believe I may have found another GOOD area for BOTH. :inocent:

Saturday was WINDY=== Sunday was WORSE.

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Frank, very nice finds. I was out with the LVGPAA on Saturday ;) and did some hunting for gold but had the skunk on my back all day. I guess I need to break out the DW and do some dirty work, but just thinking about it makes my back hurt :olddude: ... Jason ;)

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way to go! Some beautiful Gold Basin meteorites. Uncle Marvin beats Mister Skunk any day!!! Congrats on your sweet finds and your whopping 58 grammer!!


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