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Latest News on Utah Artifact Bust

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It depends on what you call artifacts.

If it is an item manufactured by a family tribal

member that has been handed down and can be verified

it is a personal possession and can be sold. But

there is limitations on that too. If it contains

eagle feathers or some other parts that are only

legal for tribal members ,they can't sell it. Some

religious items cant be sold either.

If it is an item that said Indian found,or dug up

it is still an artifact,and the Indian can be prosecuted

just like everyone else.

I know a few Indian's that make some really authentic

looking artifacts . :yuk-yuk:

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In Santa Fe artifacts are a big business. Eagle feathers are very common and almost everyone has one. The "beard" of a bald eagle (I didnt even know there was such a thing) is a religious article and every tree huger up here has one.

Thos "realistic looking artifacts" are a big part of the Indian Market here and they are on display every weekend. There is no doubt that many genuine artifacts are sold on the plaza each Saturday by natives. Genuine artifacts are available in most shops on the plaza too.

I beleive that the main targets for the law are certain folks. They are definitely not interested in the lucrative native market here. The way I understand it the ones in this case were all in cahoots over a few certain digs on BLM land.

The bad news is that one of the BLM officials just passed away and he had about a million bucks of mimbres pottery in his will. They knew about it all and did nothing until after his death. A Mimbreno pot is worth more than a meteorite the size of your truck. It is worth more than a nugget the size of your fist. So it is plain that the Feds haev a specific agenda on who and how they go about enforcing the law.

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Yes even if it is on their own Res.

Even if it is an old artifact from their own tribe

that has been lost or buried,it belongs to the tribe

and can't be sold by an individual tribal member.

Just having an eagle feather or any part of an eagle

in your possession without a federal permit,is a $10,000

fine and a felony.

I suspect the feathers Bob is seeing are fakes,like dyed

turkey feathers. Most of the Santa Fe pots ,arrowheads,

and other stuff is fake too.

With the drug,alcohol,gangs,and outside influence,it is

possible that a few would risk selling an artifact. But

if caught by the tribe their life may not be worth a lot.

Some of the older members have ways of dealing with things.

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I suspect the feathers Bob is seeing are fakes,like dyed

turkey feathers. Most of the Santa Fe pots ,arrowheads,

and other stuff is fake too.

No. The feathers are the real thing. So are the burial pots and corn storage pots. Sorry to say but the black market is alive and well for tribal members. The lure of good money affects everyone. Just a couple of years ago two native fellows were caught shooting bald eagles for feathers at Caballo Lake. Not all the artifacts are real that are advertised as real, that is for certain, but anyone can tell an eagle fether from a deyed turkey feather. Especially a turkey hunter.

Many eagles and hawks are hit on the roads. They dont last an hour before someone snaps up the feathers. Most wind up in collections and I can guarantee you that every wealthy home that dots these hillsides have both real and reproduced artifacts. The more they can afford the "realer" they are, espedially when talking about religious artifacts. The wealthy "new age" crowd here really go for the Native American spirituality thing.

...So do those Mormons. There is quite a presence here of Mormon artifact buyers. They dont buy dyed turkey feathers either.

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