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EbonBetta Is this what you needed ??

frank c

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Finally found a few pics you requested to get your drywash FIX in N.Y.

Hurry back to AZ. to QUENCH your thirst for movin dirt :inocent: Hapy Huntn

Hey Frank, Thank you very much. Was wondering if you or anybody else has figured out how long your drywasher takes to process 1 bucket or 5 buckets of material. Yes, I'm kind of anal about drywashing. I have usually counted my buckets per day and such.

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when your out drywashing for the day, do you have a bucket count you try to get each time out?

With my drywasher It does not like rocks and pebbles so I was pre classifing the dirt to <1/8 ".

I would do between 12-16 bucket full in a day that's 5 gal buckets. I spent a lot of the time classifing it.

I averged 2-3 grains of gold a day. Ok, 4 to six dollars in gold. I also spent time shooting my compound bow every day.

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Ebon, my machine will run a 5 gal. bucket full in about 2 minutes.

I had a 4th generation prospector over my place yesterday and he couldnt believe how fast it pushed the dirt thru he compared it to a blower powered unit.

I made some changes to the hopper and gate on this particular drywasher its destination is the Havasu gold claims in the middle of this month the buyer will pick it up from me.

You shouldnt have to classify down to 1/8". 1/4" should be the best size to run.

I'm headin out to the basin without a drywasher, all I have is a mini I'm takin I want to test a few new "outside the box thinking" places. I want to find that one place thats worth settin up for an all night run on in a few weeks.

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Yeah I shouldn't have to classify to <1/8 th but my dry washer would clog up so I did.

I'm picky about how the dirt moves. If it doesn't look the way I like I make it work the way I want but you can see from my photo,s it is getting the fines.

If your will let me double the amount I'm throwing through. I'll be real happy.

So where are the claims the drywasher is going ? Havasu ?

Also was wondering if theres any way for it to hold more dirt ? load it up an let it run ....

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I have the same machine as Frank only just a tad

bigger and hand cranked. Mine holds over 5 gallons

and has a 3/4 inch classifier screen. It will run

5 gallons in 2 minutes or less of 3/4 minus and get

even the powder gold.

I just shovel directly onto the classifier screen

as the material comes from the dig hole ,rocks ,roots

and all. I quit fooling with buckets and pre classifying,

the recovery rate didn't change.

Just keep running your tails back through with the

feed material and you won't lose any gold. A good dry

washer will sort the gold from 1/2 to 3/4 minus feed

material and not choke.

I believe Frank has 1/2 inch screens on his. If he does

that machine will process by direct shoveling and not miss

any gold. If you feel that you need to classify to 1/4

inch ,just put a 1/4 inch screen on the hopper. I have one

place that has so much heavy magnetite that I run a 1/4

inch screen over my 3/4 inch screen. Just clip it on and

start shoveling.

The machine Frank used for a pattern was a serious piece

of prospecting equipment,made for production and getting

the gold. It was not just another brainstorm hobby machine.

The guy that designed the original made his living mining

$35.00 per ounce gold. The guy that designed that machine

measured his day in yards of material not buckets. :yuk-yuk:

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Here is my toy, the "Zephyr". It is my own design and back in the 80's I sold over 200 of them. It will run about 1 cy per hour and it has a 1/4" screen. It is designed a whole lot like Frank's "Ol Yeller"... The six pack intake is almost identical. Mine does not use a crankshaft. It uses a cam and connecting rod. You can counterbalance or overbalance it with a wheel weight. It is kind of like the drive wheel on a steam locomotive. It folds up into a package and backpacks. This photo is twelve years old. I have ran over 500 cy through this machine and although I have retired it, it is still in good order.

The gold is from the Caballo Mountains in Sierra Co, New Mexico.

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I mean that there was no real difference in

the gold recovery rate. Other words I wasn't

losing any gold by not classifying.

By not having to classify you will process cubic

yards in a day not buckets . It decreases the

amount of time and extra work by a heck of a lot.

The time you waste classifying can be spent getting


If you have a small hobby or sample machine,without

a built in classifier screen,and small riffles,then

you should classify.

The reason my machine has 3/4 screen is because it

was being used before metal detectors were available.

There was big nuggets and the guy didn't want to lose

them in the header pile. I still use the 3/4 in areas

where the gold is bigger and some specimen pieces are

too big for a smaller screen. With the size and number

of riffles I have it doesn't lose the small stuff either.

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