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Moon Rocks

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The College of Southern Nevada is inviting the public this week to view a moon rock collection on loan from NASA.

There will be a collection of meteorites, however, and these are not encased in plastic. Kotulski said the public will be able to handle these samples of space debris.

"You'll have something in your hand that is older than our solar system," he said.


The moon rocks are scheduled to be on display at the College of Southern Nevada's Henderson campus, 700 College Drive, in Room C-133. Presentations are scheduled for:

■ 3:20 to 5:30 p.m. today

■ 12:20 to 2 p.m. Tuesday

■ 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Thursday

■ 9 to 11 a.m. Friday


Las Vegas Review-Journal

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Big thumbs up to Count Deiro!!! His lecture was very informative and inspiring... and his collection of meteorites was very cool. I even got to touch his record setting 28 lb. H5 Nevada Chondrite. :thumbsupanim

The moon rocks were more like moon specks, small sub gram particles encased in a glass disk viewed in a microscope. The moon basalt fragment was the most beautiful of all the fragments.

Here are a couple of pictures:



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Thanks for posting guys, that was very cool. I had met the Count and Countess at Michael Blood's meteorite auction at this year's Tucson Show, and know that the meteorite community couldn't have been better represented to the media at the moon-rock event.

Thanks, Ben

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Hey guys! What a hoot! It sounds like you had a ball!

Those moon rocks home on earth are at the STGT installation near Las Cruces, New Mexico. When I workked for NASA one of my projects was to modify a big room in this facility for a repository for this material. All specimens that are not on tour or in a lab are stored in this room. After the room was finished and the rocks arrived from Houston and CC Fla. they had a big display with the "specks" encased in lenses. They also had a whole bunch of larger material that you could not touch, and a single specimen that could be handled. It was really amazing to hold a piece of the moon, but honestly... Those were the butt ugliest rocks I have ever seen. Being a rock man I was thouroughly unimpressed with the looks of the stuff! If it wasnt from the moon it would be pretty regular.


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