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Anyone using a trommel?


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I have looked at some of the trommel videos. i would like to try one but there costly to buy.

maybe if i get lucky and get a pound of gold i will get one lol. i seem to only manage to get an eighth of an ounce per weekend.

You wouldneed to have a trommel you can shovel dirt and gravels into the trommel. the videos i have seen they use SMALL SCOOP.

and some of the tromell videos the water is leaking out in many places, and they dont provide a pump with the tromell to circulate the water.

water in the desert is hard to keep. i run a streem sluice, recirculating water. the water i find is best changed out after running 10 five gallons of red clay and gravels as the water tends to stay very muddy at that stage. i manage with 120 gallons of water a day, im only a novice a coupl of weeks prospecting in the desert.i live in nevada but i think all blm lands cant be prospected for fear of the law seizing equipment and vehicle. i prospect in arizona and people have been friendly and very helpful.

im thinking of a keane 151 drywasher or getting a tromell. but i find without good gear your wasting your time.

at the start i got a desert fox gold bowl for prospecting, which proved useless/but its awsome for getting the gold when you have gold bearing concentrates from cleaning the sluice.i have my truck loaded to go tomorrow after work and hopefully i come on some good colour over the weekend.

it costs more on gas and supplie than i get in the value of gold but i enjoy prospecting and rinsing down the sluice to see if there is any colour. i work my rear end off digging for what i get but this might be my lucky weekend.

have fun and good luck prospecting. if you get a tromell let us know how you get on.

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:thumbsupanim A good air driven elliptical vibration drywasher is the ONLY way to go in the desert-just remember to have a great resperator. No water,no recirc,ez to setup and move around and great recovery with the constant air blowers utilizing the el cheapo leaf blowers-tons a au 2 u 2 -John
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Using a trommel here in nevada works great if you have the water like Silver said. My dad and i built a sweet trommel that we use and the BLM or forest circus dont mind, if you SHOVEL into it. They work great. But it would be a good idea to find a drywasher also. Where in Nevada are you working?

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new guy Fallon nevada. i ended up getting a keane 151 dry washer second hand. and i have been getting a little gold with it but the club lands i am on at the moment have been heavily worked since the early 1900s. when i find a patch of ground that hasnt been already dug up i get some fine gold and an odd rare picker. i recently found out that in the 1930s the area washes and surrounding banks were dug with diggers /material trucked out to a giant sluice and after going through the sluice tailings were dumped back in the washes and surrounding areas. you would be digging regular hard ground getting a bit of colour and all of a sudden you get this ground looks like pea shingle size rock.gravel with little clay in it and no gold in it. its kinda disapointing. im going to start moving up from the washes and hopefully i will get better ground and a little more consistently in finding colour.

i have no idea where fallon nevada is i will look it up on the map later. its now july the 29th and there has been a lot of thunderstorm activity in gold basin and im thinking the ground may be getting too damp to dry wash soon. i have a good re circulating sluice but i need to get new pumps both bilge pumps i had have burnt out, i kinda thinking of getting an electric trash pump that i can run of a genny and see how it works i neec a pump to pump 2000 gph. i would nearly rather the sluice over the drywasher as you can see what your getting sooner and you dont loose any gold/ the dry washer doesent sem to loose gold either but if im running a lot of material with calichi in it it gets it very hard to run it through the dry washer it seems to build up over the riffles and slowly pour out after a lot of stuff has built up.

i would like to meet up with you some weekend and do a bit of sluicing or dry washing as i havent had a chance to do any in nevada yet. since the weather has got hot people are very scarce in gold basin at the weekends, and i would be kinda nervous about driving in nevada desert in case i get stuck in sand. i havent been up north or south of las vegas yet but i imagine the desert there would be very sandy.

if your heading out some weekend feel free to e mail me at silvervortek2000@yahoo.com as id love to try a different place other than gold basin.

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