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coils 12 X 19 or 18 inch round

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I have the Coiltek Gold Stalker 12 X 19 mono on my GPX-4500 and I was looking to get an 18 inch round mono. The question is would I gain any performance from the 18 inch round mono over the 12 X 19?

Thanks for the advice

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The 18" Round Mono will go a few inches (1-3") deeper than the 18.5" Elliptical Goldstalker coil on larger nuggets.

I used to own both of these coils and compared them. Sold both of them because they were too large for my terrain

and I picked up a lot of interference here. But way out in the wide open desert is probably a different story.


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G neufeld...welcome to the forum...about your question on the

different coils I would recommend you buy and read a new and

very comprehensive book called "fists full of gold" by Chris

Ralph....he has a whole chapter on detectors and coils...on

page 95 he explains how to compare the different sizes of coils...

he's also a member of this forum...good luck and find lots of


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In Chris Gholsons "Nugget Hunting Essentials volume 2 " Steve Cholson talks about coils.... to make this shorter, the part that partains to your question is how to compare an elliptical coil and a round coil for guestimating depth. Steve gives a simplified math for compairing the two. For the elliptical (in your case the 19x12 coil) take 19 + 12= 31 then devide that by 2 =15.5" and he stated thats a litte high but gives you an idea that that coil would get about the same depth as a 15" round coil. My understanding is that technically a 16" round will still go SLIGHTLY deeper...and the elliptical coil will be Slightly more senitive on the heal and toe (has to do with the tighter circular part there compaired to the larger round coil)of the coil than a 14" round on small targets; but as far as I'm concerned should be in the ball park of a 14"-16" round coil for depth capability. Hope I explained that well enough to help other "newbe's" have an idea on how compair the two. :hmmmmm:

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