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Beautiful Morning GOLD

frank c

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Yes finally got out for a few hours today what a great spring day.

I chased the skunk but my partner scored a real buttery colored piece just before we quit.

NO THATS NOT UNCLE RONS COIL in the picture but it could be his twin. That Nuggetfinder coil still picks up the targets well.

The nugs in the yellow circle in the scoop.

Maybe next time out it'll be my turn.


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Nice looking gold nugget. I don't think I have ever seen that much tape on a coil. It must add quite a bit of weight not to mention the amount of dirt that is probably stuck to the tape!


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Matt , No Fear on the coil tape.....he still pulls 1/3 and 1/4 oz. nuggets out of the ground with it.!!!!!! He just did last month.

Ebon....I brought one of the minis with me to grab some dirt from a couple spots but after movin the first few inches the ground is REALLY WET underneath....we had a great amount of rain here this year there's wildflowers sprouting up everywhere it should be beautiful in a week or two with things blooming.

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Hey EBON it'll be time to drywash LONG before August my friend.

True but I'm stuck in NYC till my brother whom sells books to schools is done for the year. Then he is going on a cruise.. Lucky him. Then I'm taking 4 weeks for myself . Selfish me. Looking to go home to drywash and shoot my bow.

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HI Frank,

Nice piece your partner found. Were you hunting at the basin? Dave

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