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The EPA and Mining

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As most of you know, Cap and Trade will will further hurt the American economy and us as individuals, through higher energy costs in all areas. Legislation may have a hard time passing for this because of bipartisan opposition. BUT....the EPA thinks in has the power to pass its own set of Cap and Trade type regulations. This is with the backing of the current administration.

The EPA has now made one of its first moves by proposing to block the Spruce Top mountain mine in West Virginia, even though it has a federal permit to proceed. I called a couple of friends back in Kentucky (they are Coal miners) and asked them what they thought and why the EPA would try this and their opinion is that this is a "Test case". Both of them agreed that the EPA is going to start flexing its muscles more and more, as both Dems and Republicans do not want Cap and Trade.

This is really something to watch.


On a side note the residents of Colorado are already fighting higher energy costs. They are fighting HB 1365. This legislation wants to give energy companies the power to severe rate increases to pay for switching their energy plants from coal to natural gas...even though Colorado is one of the highest Coal producing states in America.


Here is a link to help stop the EPA from wiping out the Coal Mining industry and put a dent in Cap and Trade:


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