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This is what I'm Cashing in my Nuggets for!

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LOL Gar! Don't worry, I'm sure President Obama will pave Stanton Road very soon. :rolleyes: Then all I have to do is avoid the cows, sheep, coyotes and bobcats.. :thumbsupanim - Terry

Terry how's that Caddy going to handle the road to Rich Hill?

Congress will only hear the sonic boom!!!

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When it's delivered Steve, I'll let you sit in the back seat and film while I see if I can get On-Star to call me - What do you say? - Terry

Cool.... I'm kind of fond of fast cars too.......... mine only does 12.1 @ 117mph, not fast enough for an onstar call!

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:thumbsupanim Now thatn' sucks--blows--and GOES!!!!! Got spolied in the 60's when my bud Dave Douglas was the head sales rep for Cobra and he had 2 -427 at home. We used to borrow :inocent: them on a regular schedule in the heat a the night and many MANY thrills and spills were righteously enjoyed. Andrea Pirella was the head mechanic and also still a bud in Shingletown and still builds ungodly creations for us boyz. Just went to a great car show last weekend-massive Cool April Nights coming and Autorama next month too-YAHOO PARTY TIME FOR CARNUTZ---John :thumbsupanim EL D--don't know if ya ever been but a must see is Autorama an absolutely insane show,races,hopping,burnouts,bikes,rock climbing etc etc with everything on wheels and not just oldies!!
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I have seen Joeforthegold drive a pickup truck through the desert

I shudder to think how fast his hotrod must be

(but I want a ride).

Two summers ago I was lucky enough to drive a proper race car

at Spa, a Formula One track in Belgium and the Nurburgring in Germany

a 17 mile road course through the forest where the fastest laps are in the six minute range.

If anyone is interested to see what a lap there is like,

Watch this full screen, sit back a little from the computer and turn up the sound:


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Car weighs 2000 pounds, 6/71 blower on top of a BBC 454 bored .030 over,

Dynod 615HP/ 565lbs torque de-tuned to run premium unleaded.

Haven't recorded a proper 1/4 mile time but the math formula says high 8 second 1/4 mile and 200 MPH top speed. I am sure I will have too many traction issues to record a time like that. It spins my 15.5 inch wide Mickey Thompsons at will

It is tagged and I drive it on the street. Just took a trip from San Diego to downtown L.A and Burbank then back to San Diego. I built it with same tools I build those hermit picks with right in my garage. I have been driving it for two years and have had it over 100MPH a few times.

I built it to beat up on those jap tuner cars. Detroit Muscle is Number One.

Flak you can come drive it any time you want

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That is one bad ass ride. 615 whp is awesome. But...throw in winding roads like we have up norcal and those AWD ricers will leave any muscle car behind.


No doubt,

I didn't build it for the corners. I have never cared much for slinging gravel in the corners and cheatin death at every turn it's fun but I prefer drag racing and quick acceleration with low e.t.'s

Just can't beat the looks of a drag car with a big blower and uncorked headers. Top Fuel cars going 0-300 in less than 5 seconds.

All I get from tuner cars is inspiration to show the world what American Muscle really is.

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This car out performs almost all exotics and only costs you about $30k!

I'll never spend that much for a car I don't care how rich I get!

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