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Hey Bedrock Bob


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Hi Bedrock Bob, I'm new to this forum stuff, I guess this is how

to answer you, the info my friend that has a hunting cabin there in

New Mexico said it is in the Jemez mountains and knows nothing

about gold but said he thought there was several gold mines

near the area. I'm getting all this info from him and hope I'm

not wasting my time. I found in the old GPAA guide a place

down in Lincoln county but know nothing about any of New Mexico.

I'm just dying to use my new proline combo. I was hoping the

Sandova county area had yellow metal. Anything you can suggest

would be great, thanks a million, Jimbo

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In New Mexico gold is rarely found with water. It is much drier than Arizona, or any other state for that matter. You are going to be dissappointed in Cochiti Canyon. No way to EVER run a dredge or highbanker in there and no gold. You simply are not going to get a permit to dredge in Cochiti Canyon.

Look at the "Hopewell" or "Placer Creek" GPAA claim. You can possibly use a small dredge there with a permit. We are still in winter here and it will be June 1 AT LEAST before you could enjoy Placer Creek. It is at 10,500' elevation and there is still about 10 feet of snow. The Rio Grande from Taos down has good gold and you can certainly get a dredge permit but this is a big river and it will be whitewater until June... Know your situation.

Lots of drywashing and detecting to be had, but simply no wet placer unless you have made some arangements. No gold in the Jemez to speak of. There is good gold near Abiquiu for the adventuresome but it is NOT going to be easy. Chama river, and a few others but no GPAA access. Chama, Ojo Feliz and all the other big rivers will all carry record runoff until mid summer this year.

Hey, PM me and I will be happy to talk all you want. This is a forum where it pays to not say much.


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