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Question on How To Start a Prospecting Association


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I am thinking of starting my own prospecting association, and I was wondering if anyone that has done this, or knows the ins and outs, could provide some advice on what is needed, or any other help would greatly be appreciated :???: . Thanks... Dave

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Hi Dave:

1st thing you have to do is advertise a meeting date and time to see how much interest you can get. If there are enough soles interested then that group also starts the ball rolling by determining what you want to charge for dues, meeting times and who does what or officers, and then if there is any areas left that can be claimed, or determine that before going to far.

I have done it before, but be prepared to keep the ball rolling as when looking for volunteers that can be a chore. :grr01:

good luck on your endevors.

Allen in MT








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HI Allen,

If you do get an association going, do you also have a business license set up? If so what kind, an LLC, or ??

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Some clubs just do there own thing, as others do a 501 C3 status for non profit

http://www.wikihow.com/Start-a-501c3-Nonprofit-Organization. Check into your state laws or maybe ask Al up at King Tut what they did at MPA.

I don't think you get into an LLC for a prospecing club.

Maybe Bill, John B. or someone from the WSPA could jump in here as they just started 3 years ago.


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NEW LAWS ON NON PROFITS NOW. All officers and board members on non profit boards are now personally and severally liable for any and all actions taken by any and all board members,officers or members as directed for illegal actions. 1 rotten apple can/will/has cost ya your life savings and future earnings to do your civic duty in the bloody stinkn' insane world-John :nono:

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Wow sometimes you wonder if its worth it anymore, to many laws, rules, and regulations, just to have some fun. Also if doing a non profit orginization, does that dismiss land taxes, or just any income generated from paying dues? Thanks for all the help from everyone. I might have something sweet coming for all of us coming soon... will provide further details later on down the road. Dave

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Hey Dave, the idea is cool. Good luck to you. If you ever wanna get a group together in your area to see how many are interested, if I'm off, I'm in. A day of prospecting and some bbq is always fun. It would be nice to get some of us forum guys together.

Take care,


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Hi Landon,

Sounds great.... Sounds like fun to get everyone together for an outing. Especially with the weather like it is now, its the perfect time. I will keep everyone informed also. Dave.

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