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Franconia Hunt/Moondog Request

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Hey guys, Nate and I hunted Franconia for a few days. Paul Spears joined us for 2 day to get his first meteorite! We then visited Fritz and Twink at Gold Basin for a hunt.

We also bumped into Moondog and his friends at Franconia, nice meeting you guys!

Here is a link to my photobucket. There you can find photos from our hunt and pictures of my larger Franconias at Moondog's request.



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Hi Erik, Ya it was good to meet you, Nate and Paul out there. I had met Nate before at Franconia at like 7 am at camp I think December of 2008, anyways a while ago. Congratulations to Paul on his first find! I'm glad you'all had a good hunt. Nice pics! I look forward to seeing Nate's pics. Thank You for posting the link to your pics of your Franconia 500g+ Biggy you got out there earlier. Oh Man that is a absolutely beautiful Franconia meteorite. WOW!!! See Ya , Clifton

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Aloha erik,

As usual you always seem to walk away with some very nice specimens. Am in the process of moving again and hope to make it out there within a couple of weeks.

Aloha and be safe,

Stan aka Ka'imi

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It was great to see Nate and Erik at Gold Basin, and I never thought I would be so happy to see such a small complete stone but at that point I was very grateful for any size, and it does have some really interesting bubbly fusion crust that many of them do not have. Thanks for the photos, Erik.


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