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Could use a little advice..

Landon M

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Hey Guys,

My dad and I will be headed down to the Bradshaw Mt area this coming Friday staying until Monday. Ive learned quite a bit about the area just by reading these forums and have an understanding of what areas have been pounded and what are still producing gold. That being said, im not really going there completely in the dark. My question is not so much where do I go to find gold, but more so, do you all have any recommmendations as to where a good place to get way off the beaten path, hike, explore, detect and still have potential. Maybe suggestions on which route to enter the area is best from vegas. We would love to find gold, and that is the main reason for the trip, but more so just want to get way away from the crowd and the claims. We have quads and plan on getting deep as possible before hiking in even further. Since there are so many options, if anyone familiar with the area has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Also, feel free to include any other suggestions (congress, bagdad area, etc.) I was just targeting the Bradshaws as a general region.

My last trip to quartzsite, I learned that most of the literature that got me fired up is in every other prospectors library aswell. That being said, i would rather take a chance and explore somewhat new territory and get skunked than hit somewhere thats been worked to death.

Thank you,


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Hi lvfireman,

From Wickenburg to I17, and Lake Pleasant to Prescot the whole Bradshaw's range have been hit with multiple rain storms and now snow melt. They have been some pretty good gully's washer so a lot of materials have been move around. Hopefully the gold's too! Every body got their favorite spots, but with so much flooding... it is a whole new ball game. Some creeks have not been this high in twenty years!

With the road construction around Hoover Dam, US 93 may not be a good way to come through? You may want to go via US-95 and State Routes 163 NV, and State Route 68 through Laughlin, NV and Bullhead City, AZ. Pick up I40 near Kingman, AZ and travel to US - 93. Taking US - 93 toward Wickenburg. Or travel I40 from Kingman to Flagstaff and come down I - 17 and head for Prescott.

I am going to try my luck up around Prescott near the Lynx Lake panning area this coming weekend. May just bump into you out there somewhere. Good Luck,

More Au to you,

Robert Mayo

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I think the best place for you guys would be the Weaver Mining District just outside of Congress. You can check it out HERE.

Call him ASAP and see if you can connect with him Friday at his office and join. It's the best deal since the repeal of Prohibition.

All the contact info is at the bottom of the first big white text box you come to as you scroll down.

Just north of Congress on Hwy 89 to Prescott and just before the Stanton/Rich Hill Rd. It's the only wide spot out there on the right side (east) of the hiway with a bar next to and old gas station and the Weaver Mining District is in what looks like the old gas station. Don't forget to check out Frog Rock (west) on the left side of the hiway on the way out there. He's kind of a friend of mine, we may even be related. You should be able to get maps and all the info you need about the claims at the office.


Just check ADOT's map for road work and there is lane closures and delays on Hwy 93 just a few miles into AZ from the dam so I would use Laughlin to Kingman and I-40 then about 20 miles east of Kingman on I-40 go south on Hwy 93 to Hwy 71 east through Congress and then north on Hwy 89. Best of luck to you and your dad.

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Robert and Frogmick,

Thank you both for your suggestions. We will probably be spending time in each of the recommended areas.. If you happen to see a Red, 4 door F150, or just two guys walking around making fun of eachother, thatll be us. Feel free to say hello!


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