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Future waste dump in N. NV gold detecting country?


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Sorry to be a messenger of more potentially bad news but I just had to post this one as well:

8 million pounds of garbage a day from California the video says in the region northwest of Rye Patch Resevoir:





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:spinnin: And the eyes in my head see the world spinning round :zip-lip: . What the LL are they thinking?? Ya right --not thinking is more like it?? Thanx much for the headsup as in kalif NOT A WORD!!!!!!!!!!! I'm joining up for the fight--I luv them damned nasty ol'deserts--and the gold---John :whaaaa:

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Some good news for now, quoting a message I got on the facebook group "Nevadans Against Garbage":

"As each of you know, Bob Dolan and Massey Mayo appealed the Regional Planning Commissions 2/11/10 extension of the conditional use permit to build the Jungo Landfill before the HCC at 1:30pm today.


All of the questions I have, and I'm sure many of you will have, I don't have the answers to(what are the next steps, should we still work on the NAG agenda items (see email from last night), will the election initiatve go ahead.....will Recology appeal?). I will keep following up on our group page. I would say let's follow up on supporting Senator Reid on the USGS study do-over and share any fund-raising ideas you have.

BUT FIRST....stop and savor the win!

Bob and Massey have done all of this legal work on their own dime and time. It is so appreciated. Please take a minute to thank Bob and Massey via fax, email, phone...kind words or fabulous gifts and prizes!


311 S. Bridge Street, Ste. E

Winnemucca, Nevada 89445

Bob Dolan email: bobdolanlaw@sbcglobal.net

Massey Mayo email: mmcbobdolanlaw@sbcglobal.net

T: (775) 625-3200

F: (775) 625-4286

And thanks again to Annie, Tami and Lianne for getting us all going. And thanks to each of you for getting going! It isn't over quite yet, until we see what happens next;so, please stay tuned to our group page.

Best, Tracy

PS: Any one that was at the meeting, please post your thoughts and observations on our group page wall!"

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If anybody's in the range of Winnemucca, here's info on the next Humbolt Co. Commissioner's Meeting that will discuss the solid waste dump. E-mail addresses of the commissioners are also included if you cannot make the meeting but want to express your views to them:

Humboldt County Commissioner Meeting

Date: Monday, 19 April 2010

Time: 09:00 - 14:00

Location: 50 West 5th Street


Discussion/action on the solid waste code that allowed for a 2nd landfill in Winnemucca, and paved the way for the Jungo Road landfill when ammended in October, 2007, is on the agenda at 11:15AM. Link to the complete agenda for this meeting on the 19th is at: http://www.hcnv.us:1403/cgi-bin/caw101?Date=20100419

If you cannot attend the meeting; but would like to share your views with the Commissioners, here are their email addresses:

Bill Diest County Administrator, administrator@hcnv.us

Chuck Giordano Commissioner, commissionercg@hcnv.us

Dan Cassinelli Commissioner Vice-Chairman, commissionerdc@hcnv.us

Garley Ammos Commissioner, commissionerga@hcnv.us

Mike Bell Commissioner, commissionermb@hcnv.us

Tom Fransway Commissioner commissionertf@hcnv.us

Humboldt County Commissioners web site: http://www.hcnv.us/commis/Commissioners.htm

Get involved/informed/donate: www.nevadansagainstgarbage.com

Join our e-mail list by sending your request to: landfilldata@att.net

Join our Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/dwMQCk

Show your support even if you are under 18 or not a Winnemucca/Humboldt County Resident by signing the e-statement at: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/stoplandfill/

Follow DesertPlaya for updates and news on the landfill on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/DesertPlaya

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That is great news about the dump. That area is one of our favorite detecting spots. We live about 50 miles south of there and went up a few weekends ago. We might have won against the dump BUT... Nevada Lands did a land sale at the beginning of the year and sold a section just west of the eugene mountains and south of Jungo rd. When we were there, there were 4 little shacks set up about a 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile apart and trash and crap everywhere. It looked really bad. And i was told there is nothing anyone can do until the county sets ordinances. It was a great nugget spot.

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SEC Hearing. Jungo Landfill Air Quality Permit

Date: Friday, 21 May 2010

Time: 09:30 - 12:30

Location: Bryan Building

Street: 901 South Stewart, 2nd Floor, Tahoe Room

Town/City: Carson City, NV



The State Environmental Commission (SEC) has scheduled the hearing for the appeal of the air quality permit issued in February to the Jungo Road Landfill project.

Public Notice of the Appeal:


More information on the appeal:


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