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John Wolfe in Hospital

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Hi All,

Many of you know John Wolfe, a great meteorite hunter who spends alot of time in Arizona. A few months ago John was hospitalized in Las Vegas. He is still currently hospitalized but is anxiously awaiting his discharge in 1 or 2 weeks. I have gone to visit him a couple of times at the Hospital. He sure would enjoy more visits or encouraging phone calls from fellow hunters and enthusiasts. He is at North Vista Hospital in North Las Vegas room 3011 the phone to the hospital is 702-649-7711.



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Hi Sonny, I called and talked with John... It sounds like he has a rough road ahead of him... I wish I lived closer so I could spend time with him and cheer him up a bit... (I live in Tombstone, AZ area) John told me he may be there for a couple of more weeks. I hope they can find the cause of his problem and reverse it, Kidney's are nothing to mess with... I'll call him again this week...

best wishes, jim "bones" :unsure:

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Hi all, I just got off the phone with John Wolfe. He's doing a bit better and should be heading back to the Oklahoma area in the next 5 or 7 day's or so. He's in good spirits and I managed to make him laugh a bit. :yuk-yuk:

just wanted to pass that info on. best wishes, jim "bones" :ROFL:

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