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Steve Herschback's New Forum AMDS

frank c

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Just in case most of you don't know there is a new AMDS forum that is totally separate from the original which is a pay to belong site now.

Steve Herschback is a great guy for catering to all interested people especially newcommers to the interests of detecting and prospecting.

Anyway heres the link for interested parties.

And NON PARTIAL detector reviews.


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Thanks frank c. for the information on the site......what was left of my computor had a catistrofic failer last week, I'm rebuilding my favorites folder on the new one as I type.

It is so fun rebuilding your computer when your on dailup.


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Yes Steve's Forum is a good one and I know what he is going to be doing :spinnin: ....Geo


Spill the beans then, or at least give us a better hint.......wonderer

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