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1872 Mining law presented on NBC news as a public nuisance


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Just wondering if anyone else saw the blurb at the tail end of NBC news evening broadcast on March 16th? They had Bryan Williams up there opening what they call the "fleecing of America segment". Anyway, the presentation was given in such a way that it appeared doing away with the 1872 mining law would be a public service. They chose a mine in NV that was situated on public land, and reminded us that under the 1872 law they did not have to pay any fees. However, they said, other types of companies have to pay when being on public land, but not this gold mine. They were inferring that you the public are being fleeced due to the 1872 mining law! It was just a convenient and very sneaky excuse to remove all of the protection the law affords to miners (who are public citizens). It was terrible, if you did not know any better, by the end of their little segment you would have been totally hood-winked into hoping someone gets rid of the old law. Sounds like they're readying everyone for a vote.

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They don't bother mentioning the fees and bonds paid.

The Research and monies lost on empty holes or equipment.

The Jobs created.

The economy boost to the local folks.

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Rex, this was actually a rehash from an old "Fleecing of America" presented on "Nightly News" in 1997 with Tom Brokaw. Here is a link that argues for the 1872 law we hold so dear that is once again coming under attack.


This page was presented back in April of 2008. With Progressive Liberals in power now and the Feds owning so much of what used to me our land (because it just isnt anymore)...its coming back again. There difference this time being that back in 1997, our country was not in such financial straights, as it is now.

As Congress has given the seat of the President unparalleled powers, as Healthcare is trying to be taken, so might the mining industry through regulation and taxation.

:grr01: ...such a nuisance, the 1872 mining law is :grr01: ...unless you plan to change Constitutional rights anyway?

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John Hoser Oates,

Glad I could provide an update and that you didn't have to watch it unfold in all it's gory detail on the big screen.

El Dorado,

I agree, it's amazing how much propaganda passes for news these days. Actually, I guess it's been that way for a long time, but at least there are some alternative sources of information today for a better comparison. Unfortunately, I don't have cable right now, but the internet and the radio are definitely better than the likes of NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, etc.


Exactly, I see no way that citizens would proffer more by making it harder for mines to exist on public land. I think it's delusional to think any "fees" would go directly into the people's pockets. In fact, that's closer to what's going on right now and they want to put a stop to it.


Thanks for the link, I think you're right. The clinton days have returned with the vengeance. :zapped:

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Just ran across this article from Oregon. She was so wrong I had to comment.


Yep, same exact thing, I looked at the article earlier and now it appears responses to the article are showing up. Great arguments you have there goldog, I read all of it and actually downloaded the webpage for future reference. Thanks for posting them, I learned a lot and hopefully others will as well.

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