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Franconia Plus Size

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Hi All, I met up with my friends Dan and Marty from Flagstaff down at Franconia for two days of hunting, and one very windy night trying to sleep. Dan and Marty have hunted Holbrook three times and retrieved a few pea sized, both in the heat of summer and cold of winter, so they seem serious about hunting space rocks. I figured I'd show them a couple of example Franconias a 40 and 178 grammer and set them loose. By the way, we saw Paul, Nate and Erik out there on the second day of their 9 day hunting trip. Anyway, I set Dan loose in the field with my GBII and Marty, with gold hunting experience, had his own detector, and I hunted by sight with a magnet stick. Well, after about 6 hours of hunting Marty yells over "I got one." I was pretty sure he had one as I walked over, but still kinda thinking that it might be a iron stone or hot rock or something, Well Holy Jumping Giant Catfish he was holding a 586 grammer and smiling !! It's his first meteorite over a gram, way over, and way beats my largest Franconia at 342 grams. Ain’t that just the way of things. Dan and I hunted the rest of that day and the next and came up zip. But Marty is the proud Daddy of a nice plus size Franconia. See Ya Out There, Clifton







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Congrats on your find!!! The big ones are more rare and definitely beautiful in their own rite. It's hard to top a big one, but goes to show they aren't cleaned out just yet... Jason ;)

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Aloha guys,

Do I see a trend with first timers here or what?thumbsupsmileyanim.gif Way to go with the door stop my friend.party-smiley-027[1].gif

Like Jason said, the big ones are getting harder to find BUT they are still out there just waiting for someone to spot them.

Nice find for sure.

Aloha and be safe out there.

Stan aka Kaimi

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Hey Guys Thanks for the Comments! Ya I wish I had found it, but I'm still glad he did. At least I have visiting rights of 2 weeks a year. With all this talk of an association, and the trend of first timers to a field scoring biggies, I was thinking, maybe we should write up in the bi-laws a "Protocol of Strewn Field Indoctrination", that novice meteorite monkeys to a strewn field will not be allowed to search for meteorites the first visit, but instead walk 30 paces behind the trainer meteorite monkeys, carrying their backpacks, and oh ya, ice chests. WOW 586 grammer, and I walked all to heck and back again on four separate day trips before I found my first Franconia of 24 grams. Ya that Marty is a Lucky Dog, but it's OK cause he knows it. See Ya Out There, Clifton

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