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A new meteorite hunting tool that I am building.

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Hey Guys,

I am a nugget hunter for the most part but I love the thrill of any type of detecting. I have been paying extra attention to the metal rocks that stick to the pick and set off the detector. I have been thinking about building a new tool to help me clear the scrap metal before we detect a patch for nuggets. Then while watching a recent program on TV MM I could clearly see that the same tool would work perfect when Meteorite hunting also. So I have put the whole thing together in a nice package. I built one hell of a setup with some rare earth magnets in the search head and it works awesome. Check it out. I will post some pics here and a link to my new site as well. I have some great videos on the web site to see it in use. I can cover some ground with this unit pretty fast. Thanks for looking guys!

Link to the Meteor Sweep




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That's a great idea. I've had a similar thought before. Terrain permitting, take a couple 6" wheels on an axle (as wide as you like) and attach a hanging bar with your magnets (the stronger the better) so that the bar just touches the ground. Add a handle and your in business. I used to have a tool bar magnet and I would just tie a rope to it and drag it across my gravel driveway to remove debris. I couldn't believe how much junk I was driving over. Thinking up stuff is half the fun. Seeing it in action is the other half. Good job.


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