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ID help please

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These appear to be copper rivets. I was wondering if anyone can ID and possibly date them. Found not to far from early immigrant trails. One looks unused and the worn one does still weakly show the same star



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Steve what does the back of them look like? I believe grubby is

real close...my guess is from a military tunic...collar...

shoulder boards...or maybe even a military saddle...a Dragoon Officers hat to hold up one side. :twocents:

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What you have there is two old harness rivets.

One has been used hence the messed up star on the

head and compressed shank. The other was new and

unused,probably dropped during a repair. Most have

trademark designs on the head.The star is only a


The burrs or washers are missing. Harness rivets

are real common and are still used for all kinds of

repairs. Every Farmer, teamster,and cowboy packed

them for repairs of all kinds. Hell I have a couple

pounds of them in the shop. :yuk-yuk:

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Steve, they look more like cufflinks, I have found something like that that were cufflinks, no rivets. From Fremonts Bunch. Grubstake

I thought the same from the small picture in the palm. I thought it was a single piece. I am sure that we are probably both talking about the "linked" buttons that held the cuffs of those old wool coats...That is what the first photo looked like. When the larger photos came up they are plainly common rivets.

Do these employ a helical thread or a "jag" where they go together? It is difficult to tell with the photos. The threaded ones are fairly recent, but the old "jag" type pressed together with the blow of a hammer. Also, some were punched on the back using a mushroom die punch and employed a washer that went around the shank.

I have a few with the star, one with a horseshoe, and two with "U.S." stamped into the heads. The "U.S." kind emply a washer on the back and are punched. The horseshoe type is shteaded and has a "button" nut on the back. The "stars" seem to be late 1800's from where I found them.


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