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Reclamation Performance Bond/NOI/POO


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Does anyone have information about bonding? How much on average does does a bond cost? Do I need to file notice of intent to prospect with a detector and sample using hand tools? Can I trench and sample an area with a backhoe without a plan of operation? Are these forms available on the Internet? miner[1].gif

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I don't know about cost on Forest Service land.

But any machine digging requires a NOI plus bond,on

FS and BLM. The bond on BLM is figured by the cubic foot

for trenches. Surface disturbance is figured by square feet.

Just for any backhoe work $1500.00 would be the low figure.

You do not need a NOI for casual use with hand tools,unless

you exceed the significant disturbance rule.

If you figure out what significant disturbance means please

tell the rest of us. :hahaha:

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The way things are going, if ya fart and someone might smell it, that's too much disturbance......Honestly, it's been my observation from state to state that these facts are variable from one 'forest' to the next.....I can't even make the same walk twice to my claim in Idaho, as the fs fears that someone may follow me, thereby starting an 'unwanted' trail...In South Dakota, the fs in the Black Hills puts fs roads in to our club claims..you figure it out, I defies my simple mind as to the differences in treatment...

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:*&$*(: Unfortunately all the little forest/desert kings interpert the rules/regs to their own specific perverse beliefs. GOOGLE SMARA--now she's the real pain. There is absolutely NO HOMOGENOUS APPLICATION of rule or law,dozens of land designations, and many agencies to deal with. Always remember a NOI/PLAN is up for public scrutiny AND you've now drawn a target on your anus for daily visits(and vandalism by environutz) from all the agencies and environutz--Keep it quiet/small/lean and mean AND in kalif the BLM has a HP rule so you can(please check)use powered equipment up to 12 hp with NO notices BUT like I said-check deeply or suffer the consequences-tons a au 2 u 2 -John

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