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Well guys an gals the forums have been full of depressing news lately with the Govt. closing in on Meteorite hunting an who knows whats next (GOLD)???

Crap....That was my 3rd favorite thing to do hunt meteorites.

I say lets put Sheriff Joe IN the WHITEHOUSE !!!!!! :thumbsupanim

OH WELL , lets start gettin ready for the great weather thats just around the corner with a Dryplacer or Desert Sniping tool.

Without having to haul around a bunch of stuff when prospecting for a new patch of finegold or pickers that could lead to nuggets all ya need is a minisampler or dry sniper post-562-126833835139_thumb.jpgand a mini folding shovel or army surplus trenching tool with the pick on one side/ shovel on the other and a few zip lock or canvas bags with a marking pen to know what sample came from where.

I've been wanting to try this for quite awhile but havent had the time, many people have asked me about a folding mini to backpack or just throw on the quad.

Trying to figure out HOW to do it was a P.I.T.A. But since I was laid up awhile from surgery I got bored and started to give it the thought needed.

Anyway heres a couple pics of all the wood parts cut and laid out on the table next is sanding and fabricating all the holes for mounting hardware etc. and then assembling. I plan on having it assembled by the weekend and will post pics and dimensions of the finished unit.

I believe it will weigh less than 10 pounds so that should be fantastic for backpackers.

So if any of you out there are really ADVENTUROUS and want to make one of these the pictures and info will get you there, :nutty: but I don't think so.

Once you see the amount of material and hardware etc. it takes along with the time involved fabricating, :nutty: I don't think so.

You gotta have the patience of a METEORITE waiting to be discovered..... :wubu: ....Yeah right.

The pic with the list of materials you can use your windows pic viewer and click the magnifier a couple times to better read the print, when time permits I'll update and type it up and post.

From left to right wood parts on the table are

The legs


Riffle tray

bellows box

and bellows

Warm dry weather is commin lets get out there and discover some NEW GROUND.



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Ok, I have plans for August wheeeeee,

Here is my August plan I already have flight reservations.

I'll be flying home to Ca the last week of July. and spending ,it in California till the last week in August.

That means I'll be buying one of your dry washers in early July and having you ship it to Ca for me.

I especially like the gold and coral colors.

Got any more photos, ?

I especially love to see that waterfall effect dirt has as it travels through the tray.

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Got an opportunity to see the little fella assembled today,...I'll be looking to get one also when they are available! It's nice and tidy, folds neatly and doesn't weigh much at all!!

Thanks Frank


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Heres the unit finished and tested

The Ol Yeller " little guy "

Some specs:

Less than 10" thick when collapsed flat

end to end 281/2"

12" wide

weighs 8-9 LBS.

27 1/2" high set up easy to operate for a 6 footer I'm 5'11

1 plus gallon hopper

sturdy metal gate

Long lasting pack cloth bellows with PVC Vynal flapper

8 7/8" x 12 3/4" Riffle tray with metal screen backing

single latch tray release

3/8" x 3/4" grizzly

Nyloc hardware fully self-contained no parts to loose in the field

Adjustable "trigger" nylon rope with pull handle

2 Thumbscrews to set up or collapse unit in about 2 minutes or less.

I've been hit by the "CAMO" BUG" and will make the next one in CAMO.






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When I was building my puffers I made 'to order" a couple of desk top mini size units, they took as much time and were harder to build than a full size one so I never built anymore.

I misplaced the pictures and don't remember the guys name who bought them, maybe he will chime in here, it something you might want to consider for the office execs'.

Good luck


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Your'e right about the time spent on these Max, If I didn't LOVE doing it I wouldn't for sure.

For me if I'm not out in the field, detecting,drywashing,exploring etc. working with prospecting related items keeps me satisfied and anxious to get get back out there to do it all again.

It sure would be neat to see a picture of the desktop units you made, try to rustle one up for us.

Thanks Max.

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