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Hi this is my first post on this forum and I am new at metal detecting. I just purchased a tesoro lobo and thought I would spend a little time out in the desert north of Phoenix to see if I could figure my new machine out. I have to say I was quite impressed with just how sensitive this detector was.

My first hit was a small metal fragment of iron I'm guessing about the quarter size of a dime at about 6" down in wet sand on the creek bank. I didn't find any gold but I did find a small horse shoe in perfect condition, an old style bullet and a modern bullet. Needless to say I had a great time wandering around and seen some beautiful country, had to use 4x4 to get back to where I was.

I have a question though maybe some of you more experienced guys may be able to shed some light on for me. I was careful to check maps and stay on BLM land and I stayed away from old ruins that I seen other than to take some pretty neat pictures, but are you allowed to metal detect around old ruins? There are a couple of old ghost towns up that way but I don't know where to get the info on whether you can detect around them or not.

Anyway I attached a couple of pictures for your enjoyment if they actually work on here.






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Welcome to the forums. Just to be safe you might not want to take any man made things you find with you. Just leave them where you find them. You don't have to be detecting near ruins because the artifact laws cover unknown artifact sites on open ground too.

One of the posters here just got a $750.00 ticket for having some nails and bullets in his possession he was taking with him to throw away after he finished detecting on Forest Service Public Land. The FS and BLM have the same laws. Here's the link to the thread all about it. Especially read the comments by Al C, he is the man who got the ticket. Al C posts twice on the first page.

Metal Detectors and Detecting

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Azeroth welcome to the best forum on the net...your choice of a

detector in the VLF class is a good choice...have patience and

learn it well...if you bought it from a dealer in the Phoenix

area they should be able to give you some good advice on what to

do and not to do...also Phoenix has a bunch of good beepers and

it would be good if you could hook up with one of the "old timers"

there...the way things are getting it's not a good idea to go out

beeping alone....learn all you can and be careful...

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Sorry to say now we can add meteorites to the list of things you cannot disturb on federally controlled public lands. If the feds catch you with one in your possession you'll probably get a citation and a hefty fine.

Link to the thread that will tell you all about.

I have been posting on and off for a year or so that the Feds are going to use the Antiquities Act of 1906 and recent amendments to shut down detecting and other activities on public lands as they have been in the past. They will probably limit them to small set aside well controlled recreational areas with a use or parking fee. If they just don't shut it down all together.

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