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Joined Weaver Mining club yesterday.

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Well I finally got my first chance of the year to get out and do some prospecting. I decided to join the Weaver Mining District because of what I have read and been told about there claims. And let me say I am already happy with that decision. I took my dad and brother-in-law out for there first time out. First arriving we signed up with Les at the Weaver office. Very nice guy, sent us in a direction he thought would be good for us to start out with.

Upon arriving at our location we see all the quartz all over the place. So I start out with my Tesoro Lobo. I hunted for about an hour without finding anything, then I look at my dad and brother-in-law wondering all around the wash without even a flake of gold to show for there efforts. So I put aside the detector to try and help them find atleast some flakes so we wouldnt get skunked. Well first spot I test I get about 3 or 4 small gold flakes in my first test pan. So we got out my recirculator and went to work. Unfortenetly we had a limited amount of time out there. But we didnt get skunked, so we were very happy about that.

Why is it you spend sometime out there, and the only thing you can think about on the way home is, I cant wait to get back out here and try that spot and that spot. Oh well time to do alittle research and get better maps and a gps. Realized how bad I want one now that I went out there.

I am going to try and attach our pics of the trip. Its not alot of gold but we got it in about 2 1/2 hours.





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You did good! for the time and money you have inveasted you did very good!

There has been some good nuggets come from the Weaver claims.

The only advice I can give you is dig where others have quit or have not, I have good luck over there in the Catsclaw thickets by just trying to go a little futher and dig deeper than the last guy and try to think GOLD its heavy where would it stop in this area? And "Bed Rock is Better"

And yes Les is quite the "Gold Guy" Have you seen his "Armed Prospector" sign?

Good Luck


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:thumbsupanim Great Video! You can't go wrong with the Weaver Mining District - or Les! I hope to see you at the Frog Rock Cafe, or the Arrowhead Bar! We can lie to each other over a cold one! Congratulations :whoope: - Terry

My dad made a video of us out there and just put it on youtube. I will try and post the video.

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We enjoy they Weaver claims. My opinion is we are all fortunate to have someone maintain the claims and paperwork for so little cost. We always find god gold on the claims and also see some nice history with the ancient markings on the rocks. Keep after it.

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